Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Comments from partners at the launch of the cassava commodity component of the SARD-SC project in DR Congo

Dr Mkamilo
Dr Geoffrey Mkamilo, from Tanzania---I am glad to hear that this project will help push technologies on the shelves to farmers.  Also the area of capacity building is very nice. I know that there will be many challenges but we have the brains to be able to achieve the milestones. Thanks to IITA and AfDB for funding this project.

Dr Phiri
Dr Samuel Phiri, from Zambia—I thank IITA and ADB for allowing us to come and participate in this commodity launch. Cassava in Zambia is important because it supports a lot of people. Agriculture in general supports 70% of the people in the rural communities, and 60 per cent on women. Zambia is focusing on improving its agriculture and as a country, we will support this project.

Dr Shambie
Dr Ibrahim Shambie, from Sierra Leone— In sierra Leone, cassava is almost taking over from rice. This is a result of the collaborative efforts between the ministry of agriculture and IITA. At the moment, cassava is being grown intensively and extensively—it is now generating jobs, creating wealth and employment for women and youth. IITA’s intervention in the cassava value chain has expanded the production of cassava in Sierra Leone. We in Sierra Leone welcome this project.  We are happy and we are thanking the AfDB and IITA for extending this program to us.

 Chief of Staff to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in DR Congo, Dr Alexis Makumyaviri – DR Congo is happy to host this meeting. I’ll like to thank AfDB and IITA for supporting DR Congo.
Drs Vanlauwe, Makumyaviri, and Manyong

Dr Yomeni giving a speech at the launch
Dr Edward Kanju— For Tanzania, we want to catch up with Nigeria in cassava production
Dr Nzola Mahungu — In DR Congo, the demand for cassava flour alone is 1000mt/day. We are yet to meet this demand.

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