Monday, October 14, 2013

IITA and ITC train bakers on baking yam bread

Samiran Mazumdar trains bakers on the use of yam flour in confectioneries.
Yam took center stage this past week in Ghana with the convening of global experts and processors on yam, and the launching of the Ghana Yam Sector Development Strategy. A precursor to the launching of the Ghana yam strategy training was held at La Palm Royal Beach hotel.
   On Saturday IITA and ITC organized a training on the use of yam flour in baking with the support of IITA hotelier Sami Mazumdar and Baker Greg. The composition was made up of 1 kg white water yam flour and 4 kg wheat flour. The bread dough was kneaded into molds and baked. Alex, the pastry chef of La Palm Royal Beach hotel said that he was initially sceptical about the yam bread. However after baking, he indicated it tasted good.
   Mr Kwamina Laast, an exporter looking to invest in yam flour stated that yam bread is a promising technology, given that the commercial value of water yam is on the low side.
“No one ever thought of substituting wheat flour with yam flour. The time for Africa to use its products is now,” he said.
   Water yam is loosely regarded in West Africa because it is not suitable for the preparation of ‘fufu’. However processing water yam into flour and fries, as well as a range of other products such as liquor, pasta, and ice cream can promote its usage.

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